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about us

Huessy Switzerland selects only natural ingredients to fight against anti-aging.
Bee Venom is a natural way to boost your blood and renew your cells.

Our Biotechnology laboratory selected this ingredient and developed a formula for men and women because your skin is very important to us.

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Our fight for a healthy aging with Dr. Chiara through bioidentical hormones

Our certificates are CPD standard office accredited & we are glad to share knowledge with our students.


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why us?

Huessy Switzerland Bee Venom cream gives from the very first application an overall improvement in the appareance and condition of the skin.

Research on generating and smoothing properties of Huessy Switzerland Cream have contributed to a faster recovery from irritation and observed protecticve properties caused skin to be better protected against external factors. And regenerates quickly the cells and reduces Wrinkles!